• Madison Shoults

Becoming A Nanny

When I first started down this journey I knew nothing about being a nanny, so I hope this post will give you some tips to make your journey smoother. Being in a business like this it is a little different because you choose everything- the money talk is the hardest for me. In this post, I am going to talk about lessons I have learned that will hopefully help out other nannies!

One of my first nanny jobs was when I was 16, but it was quite different from my nanny jobs that I have gotten recently. The job was watching an infant for a weekend at a time, geting up in the middle of the night and anything he might need. This was an awsome starting point, giving me an insight of what nannying would be like.

My next nannying job wasn't until 2019, up until this point I worked a few differnt jobs. I loved this job but there were many things I learned that made me the nanny I am today. First thing is a contract, this is a must have! The contact can have anything you want in it. For me, I like to have all details of what is expected of me from the nanny family. You can type up one or find a pre-typed one online to help you if you aren't sure what to put in it. Having a contract is very important just to cover all bases so there is not any miscommunications.

Second one is taking out taxes. I was foolish with this one thinking it wasn't a big deal, plus I'd get more money upfront. I was serverly wrong...COVID-19 kicked me in the butt! I was without a job for months. I couldn't file for unemployment and there were no new jobs in sight. I know that taking out taxes seems scary and annoying, I thought so, too. Here are some reasons that I realized: other than it is illegal not to, if you are an adult that needs to buy a car, house, rent an apartment, or filing for unemployment. I am sure there are many more, but for me these make it a really important part of being a nanny.

Let's talk about the hardest conversation to have with anyone: money. I still struggle with this topic, until recently. I decided to sit down and wrote out a what I thought was fair. This will change with each family and their specific needs, but what I have come up with is a certain price for 1,2,3,4+ children. Then depending on age and their cleaning needs, the price will change again. Now this may not be what everyone wants to do but having an idea before you go into a job interview has helped me a lot.

I am sure that you have heard all of these tips a million times, but for me, in the beginning, I never really listened to them. I just wanted to make a post so that if maybe one person would take my advice, it was worth it to me!

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