• Madison Shoults

Let's Move

In less than a year, my wife and I will be moving somewhere unknown right now. She is applying to graduate schools in about 10 places all over the USA. Knowing that we could be so long from home is scary but so exciting. I am struggling still being in West Virginia. I haven't been able to find my forever nanny family, knowing deep down this isn't where I want to be.

I love West Virginia, don't get me wrong, I mean I've lived here my whole life. I have grown so much here but I know my journey doesn't end here. Since quarantine started here in March, my job hunt has been extremley hard and frustrating. Many jobs have come and gone with just not being the right fit.

I would love to know if anyone struggles with finding your right family, knowing your worth, and asking for what you deserve. Being in Huntington there isn't a lot of jobs in any field because of COVID-19. I feel defeated sometimes trying to find a nanny postiton that is willing to pay me what I deserve.

My dream place to move to is Boulder, CO. It has everything I want out of life. It is a beautiful place, outdoor life style, yoga and more of a holistic and enviromentaly friendly life. I hope that wherever we end up that jobs start to fall into place more. I have been lucky during this time that life gives me exactly what I need to get through. I have had jobs that only last a couple weeks, but it has gotten me through and able to pay my bills during that time.

I would love to hear from others that are struggling during this time and what your frustrations are with find a job, or if you have a family, what frustrations they're causing. Being a nanny can feel so alone having no one to talk to. I hope to help people by just writing how I feel in the moment and sharing my stories. Let me know if there is anything you want to hear from me!

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