• Madison Shoults

Managing Stress

If you are a parent, caregiver, nanny, anyone working with children you know the amount of stress these little boogers cause. I firsthand have wanted to scream countless times for more reasons than I care to admit. I have found different ways to manage this stress over the years. Please let me know if you have any tips that you want to share with me!

The first tip I cannot stress enough is don't be so hard on yourself. Yes, I know this has been said to you a thousand times by now- I mean it though. As a nanny, I am very critical of myself, and I always think the worst in everything I do. When a infant has had every need met, and they won't stop crying, am I the only one who has rocked the baby and cried along? These moments are the ones that may make or break you as a nanny depending on how you decide to handle these hard situations. With one of my first nanny jobs, the infant was -well- difficult. He was one of those babies that pushed you to your limits almost everyday. This was one of the hardest jobs I have ever had, but it was the one that has impacted me the most!

One of my all time favorite calming down methods is yoga and meditation. While my nanny kids nap I take the time for myself for a short yoga or meditation. If you aren't able to go full out, try sitting down in the bathroom and doing a 5 minute meditation or just taking a moment to breathe. I have done this, and it can be life saving! I will say here these are just the tips and tricks that have helped me stay sane through my journey as a nanny. These may not work for everyone!

Another trick that I use constantly when the kids are young enough is baby wearing! Now this only works when they are small enough and if baby wearing is right for you. This for me, is such an awesome tool that lets you bound with the little one while getting things done. Baby wearing has helped me out so many times throughout the long days when nothing seems to help them be happy. As they get older you can wear them on your back and can still have them close as they grow!

This trick mostly everyone knows but get outside for a walk: put them in a stroller, wear them, or let them walk if they're old enough. This was always a sure way to get my kiddos and myself into a better mood. It's also time to calm down so I can breathe again! I know that not everyone can get outside with ease. For example, get up and have a dance party, anything to get them moving. It will improve everyone's mood!

When you have little ones it can be extremely stressful. Something that is not talked about enough that I wish I was told sooner: if you are feeling overwhelmed and need a break, if your baby is in a safe place like their crib, IT IS OKAY TO WALK AWAY! Please take a couple minutes to calm down and readjust your thinking. This is one thing that needs to be normalized more because being too upset can be harmful to everyone. I have had very fussy nanny babies and these tips made them (and me!) happy and made my life so much easier.

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