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Before you all read, I want to add that this is all my opnion. None of this is researched based, and it is okay if you have a different opinion than me. I know everyone can agree on one thing- we all want sleep! After having nanny jobs where I have been with the children for 24/7 care, I have learned some tricks along the way. I am so happy that I am able to decide when to have kids because I am not ready to give up my naps and uninterrupted sleep schedule. Every kid is different so these may not be possible for everyone, these are just what I have found helpful.

Safe sleep is a controversial topic. When it comes to safe sleep I feel that there is always room to learn and grow. There are many website and childcare books where you can learn more. If you have questions message me, but I want this to be more about tips and tricks, not the rules on safe sleep. I will be more than happy, though, to answer questions or do another blog on that if anyone wants it.

The first tip on creating better sleep habits is don't over swaddle or swaddle at all. I hope that when I have kids that I don't have to swaddle at all, but each kid is different. When swaddling children a lot of times it goes on for too long then making falling asleep independently hard. Personally, I think about 2 or 3 months is a good time to sart weaning out of it. I have had many situations that when you wait too long it becomes very hard to break the need of it.

The big new sleep bassinet is the SNOO. I can't stand it, and I see no need for any bassinet that moves or has the vibration settings. If you are someone that wants to use them breaking the habit at at early stage makes it so much easier to transition them to their crib. I like from the moment they are born putting them in something that is basically a crib or just their crib. Yes, keep them in your room for as long as they want, but it's possible to create good sleep habits early.

Another tip that I always think is impotant is sleep training. When babies reach about 4 months they start to learn independent sleeping. I love the sleep technics of putting them to bed drousy, and if they cry go in at 2 minutes, 5, 10, 15 and so fourth. You can research the safe ways to do this. I had a nanny kid that was going on 7 months old when I was able to start sleep training him. Within a month, he was sleeping through the night.

Schedules are one thing that is really helpful when being a nanny. If you make one it is something that everyone can follow. I don't like following a strict schedule but having a rough one, though, can be helpful. This gives everyone an idea of the hours that the baby should be sleeping, when the last feeding was, and it also helps the baby get on a routine.

I think safe sleep is very important and every parent or anyone that takes care of children need to follow safe sleep regulations. However, these are just tips that I have picked up along the way that might be helpful for you. No one has to use these and if there is anything that anyone wants to add, message me. I would love to hear from you!

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