• Madison Shoults

Starting a Family

Everyone's journey to a family starts differently but all of them are perfect. I can't wait to have little ones running around. Having children for me and my wife might happen in a couple different ways- adoption or me getting pregnant. I love children, and being a mom is all I have ever wanted in life.

About a year ago I found out I have PCOS, this was a devistating moment for me. Having trouble getting pregnant was the first thing to pop in my head. I for the longest time thought the only way I could really be a mom was to birth a child, but I quickly found out that this isn't the case. After becoming a nanny, I realized that having a connection with a kid can happen even when you don't birth them. My nanny kid in 2019 was the one who changed my perspective on it. I loved that little boy with all my heart, and he made me realize I could be a mom no matter what.

With having PCOS I knew it was going to be harder than most to get pregnant. For my wife and I, doing all the shots and hormons to become pregnant are not worth it. I think every way there is to get pregnant is amazing and there are no wrong choices. Just for me I do not want to put my body through a rough process like that. PCOS makes life hard in so many ways for me. My periods are much more painful, and my hormones seem to always be a mess. I have found though that the menstral cup and reusable pads have changed the game for me.

Adoption is for sure one way we will have children. I might birth children, you never know. But, adoption will hopefully happen no matter what. I have had a lot of experience with fostering children, and I know many people who have adopted. I love the idea of adoption, just knowing how many children are out there that don't have a family.

Right now my wife and I have a dog that is our child until we are able to have children. Our baby right now takes up so much time and, let me tell you, he is a pain in the butt and so spoiled! I can't wait to start our family and to go on that journey of parenthood. Everyones journey is a beautiful story that I would love to hear. Message me and tell me your stories, talk to me about PCOS or and tips you have for it.

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